Dryer Repair: How to Repair a Dryer That Isn’t Heating

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We received another common service request at the Pacific Appliance Repair Services office last week. We work on a lot of dryers, and one common problem we encounter is a dryer that doesn’t get hot but still spins. Since this is something that happens quite a bit, we have created this explanation of one of the ways how to repair such a dryer that has no heat. In this particular article, we will discuss a dryer repair service call we had in which case the gas dryer wouldn’t heat because of a malfunctioning solenoid problem. Of course, not all cases in which a gas dryer isn’t heating will have the same cause, but this is a very common problem.

Gas Dryer with the Front Cover Removed

Gas Dryer with the Front Cover Removed

Since the issue was heating rather than spinning of the dryer, the technician decided to access the furnace and investigate why the dryer wasn’t heating.

Removing the front door and the panel underneath at the bottom of the not working dryer, we are able to see the heating mechanism below, which is where the focus of the dryer repair procedure is for this appliance. Here, you have a furnace that ignites gas to heat the dryer in cycles. There is an igniter that is initialized by gas going through one solenoid, and then a secondary solenoid controls the flow of more gas, which then creates the dryer furnace flame that heats the machine. In this repair case, the problem lay within the old solenoids, which you can see in the picture on the right, next to the heating apparatus. The solenoids are electromagnetically controlled valve devices that regulate the flow of, in the case of this dryer, gas to the igniter. Normally, they let the dryer operate safely and at the right temperature, but in this case, they were closing early and shutting off heat to the dryer. Consequentially, the customer was left with damp clothes after an entire cycle.

Naturally, Pacific Appliance Repair was able to service this common problem quickly and replace the solenoids with new, perfectly functioning ones. This ensured that the current supply of gas was able to fuel the dryer’s heating at the right temperature throughout its cycles. Below, you can see the new solenoids installed, with the old ones to the side, as well as the dryer with one solenoid in.

One Solenoid Installed in the Dryer

One Solenoid Installed in the Dryer

Both Solenoids Installed. Dryer Ready to Properly Heat & Dry Clothes.

Both Solenoids Installed. Dryer Ready to Properly Heat & Dry Clothes.

In addition to problems with solenoids, cases in which a dryer does not heat can involve some of the other parts in the heating system. Of course, if there’s an overall power problem, the heat would be affected, but in addition to the spin function also not working. Most commonly, the solenoid will be what’s causing the dryer not to heat, but it could also be a faulty temperature sensor, igniter, or a short.

We at Pacific Appliance Repair Services hope that this article has been helpful in demystifying the problem of a dryer that doesn’t heat, as well as some of the underlying heating functionality of a gas dryer. Of course, if your dryer or almost any other appliance stops working, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re in the Los Angeles area.

DISCLAIMER: We choose certain real repair jobs that we’ve done in the previous week(s) to share our experience and spread the knowledge about residential and commercial appliance repair, air conditioning repair and heating repair practices. All materials in this article are intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a professional advice or to conduct formal training, educational or licensing procedures. It is also not intended as a guide for any kind of do-it-yourself repairs. Appliance repair, air conditioning repair and heating repair services can only be provided by a trained and licensed technician. Pacific Appliance Repair Services disclaims any and all responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect to property or health or life of persons that may result out of incorrect use of this information. If your appliance, air conditioner or heater is broken, please contact us immediately, and we’ll send a trained and qualified technician to repair it.

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