Listen to your Washer or Dryer When Service is Needed

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washer repairRegardless of the quality of your home appliances, there will come a time when they are in need of servicing. We expect years of quality service from our home appliances, but with everything mechanical, eventually something will go wrong. When that time comes, it is important for safe and quality of service to get the best appliance repair team available to handle the job.

Fortunately, our appliances will tell us when it is time for service, often before they break down. It is our job to listen and realize there is a problem before it is too late. When it comes to home washer and dryer units, knowing the tell-tale signs of an upcoming problem can save you time, inconvenience, and money associated with a costly replacement.

While washers and dryers go hand-in-hand, they are not the same machine. Pay close attention to these warning signs associated with your home washing machine that can tell you it is time for service:

  • FILL TIME IS TOO LONG: A washing machine that is just trickling to fill or never reaches an appropriate amount of water to thoroughly wash your clothes is a machine begging for service.
  • SMELL BURNING WHILE IN OPERATION: A burning smell is often a sign of a belt issue or some other friction associated with moving parts. This needs to be repaired quickly to prevent more costly damage.
  • WHINING NOISES: Again, noises coming from your washing machine, such as a whining noise, can mean there is something wrong in the moving parts of your machine. Continued use without service can lead to an irreparable machine.
  • MACHINE WON’T SPIN: A washing machine that won’t spin leaves clothing soaking wet. This can mean they are not fully clean and the additional weight and water can lead to dryer damage.
  • WILL NOT DRAIN: A washing machine that is full of water can lead to further washer damage, as well as damage to the surrounding floors in the event of a leak. Even small amounts of water left in the bottom can be a sign of trouble to come.

While some of the signs for your washer may be similar, your dryer speaks a different language. Signs your dryer may be in need of repair are:

  • DRYING TIME IS TOO LONG: Clothes that are taking too long to dry, like multiple cycles in a properly loaded dryer, is one of the first indications that there is something wrong with your dryer.
  • SHAKES WHILE WORKING: This can be the result of overloading or bulky items in the dryer, but when the dryer shakes even when properly loaded, something is out of balance and should be looked at immediately.
  • LOUD NOISES: Loud noises outside of the normal operation are never a good sign. Whining or clunking can indicate issues with your motor or belts. Losing either can lead to more significant and costly repairs.
  • DRYER WON’T TUMBLE: The tumbling of the clothes is one of the most important parts of the drying process. A dryer that won’t tumble is simply hot air.
  • CLOTHES COME OUT DAMAGED: This is already a pricey way to find out there is something wrong with your dryer. Don’t take the chance of ruining more clothes. If clothing comes out damaged, seek maintenance immediately.

These home appliances do talk to us and if we listen they can save us in washer and dry repairs or replacement costs. By calling the professionals at Pacific Appliance Repair Services for your maintenance needs, you can ensure that your appliances stay running smoothly. They can provide reliable service for many more years to come.

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