Air Conditioning Repair Early On Can Save You Money

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best ac repair los angelesAs the days continue to grow warmer more and more people are turning on their home air conditioning units for its first run of the season. For many people, units start up and operate as usual providing cool, comfortable air throughout the home. For others, that first start-up of the year may not go quite so well. Units may struggle to get started, run loud, or simply not get the right temperature. Whatever the case may be you are in for a difficult decision.

When your home AC unit begins to show signs of wear home owners have to make the difficult decision between repairing their air conditioning unit and looking for a replacement. While the temptation may be there to run your unit until it doesn’t work at all, making this decision at the first sign of difficulty can save you the inconvenience of being without air during the warm season and also save you money.

How does one choose between repair and replacement? Here are a few things to consider before making a snap judgment courtesy of Pacific Appliance Repair Services:

  • AGE OF UNIT: Every appliance in your home has a lifespan and your home AC unit is no different. You can expect to get 20 years or more out of a good unit on average. One thing to keep in mind is that new air conditioning standards were put in place on units in January 2006 and units older than this were put out without these standards in mind. On average, units older than 2006 cost 20% more to operate than newer units. When making the decision to repair or replace consider the age of the unit. If it is 10 years old or less it should be worth servicing.
  • COST OF REPLACEMENT: This is a big one. Once you know how old your unit is, see how much a replacement unit is going to cost. Depending on the kind of AC you have in your home this number could be extremely high. When the cost of replacement would cost significantly more than service, go repair first!
  • HOW OFTEN DO YOU HAVE TROUBLE? : If this is the first time you’ve had any kind of issue with your unit, then AC repair is your best option. In this scenario it is highly likely the issue is small and that the rest of the unit is in fine working condition. You can save yourself from a costly replacement with a repair, and your unit would likely continue to run without a problem for a long time.

These are a few things to consider when making the decision to repair or replace. The best way to fully understand the issues with your unit is to have a professional appliance repairman from Pacific Appliance Repair Services come and look at your unit. By evaluating what the issue is and providing a expense break down of the necessary repair, you will be in the best position to make a decision.

Waiting until your home AC unit stops working to have it checked is a bad idea that can lead to an expensive replacement. Don’t hesitate when things go wrong, contact Pacific Appliance Repair Services.

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