Avoid Costly Washer Repairs with Proper Maintenance

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washer repair los angelesThere are certain things in life you simply cannot go without. You need food, you need water, you need a roof over your head, and you need to have clean clothes. Having a washer and dryer in your home saves you time, money, and a lot of headaches. Lugging large amounts of clothing to and from the laundromat and pumping quarter after quarter into the machines is an inconvenience that you can do without. Like any home appliance, it is important to treat them well to avoid any washer and dryer repairs and to ensure long running service.

Taking the time to keep an eye on your washer throughout the year can help prevent costly repairs and keep your units running smoothly. Well maintained units are not only reliable units, but regular maintenance can help keep energy costs down as well. By following these tips for maintaining your home washer, courtesy of Pacific Appliance Repair Services, you will minimize the risk of cost or replacement:

  • CHECK HOSES: In order to get your clothes as clean as possible, washing machines cycle through a lot of water. The hoses that bring water in and drain it out can often be one of the first things to wear out over time. Checking your hoses regularly allows you to catch problems early and prevent costly repairs or damage to you unit, your walls and your floors.
  • KEEP IT LEVEL: A washing machine that isn’t level will bang around. Not only can this be loud and distracting in your home, but the shaking can also cause damage to the machine. Checking to be sure that your washer is sitting level can help protect its inner workings and keep it running smooth.
  • CLEAN THE TUB: You would think that using detergent to keep your clothes clean would mean the inner tub of your washer is clean as well. Laundry detergents can build up over time and cleaning your washer tub you can ensure that your washer continues to clean your clothes efficiently as well. Running a cycle using white vinegar can help break down soap build up and deposits.
  • USE LESS DETERGENT: We understand there are directions on the containers telling you how much you need to get your clothes smelling mountain clean, but cutting back on the amount of detergent will help prevent build up in your washer and will still get your clothes fresh and clean. Cutting back on detergent has an added benefit; you’ll get twice as many washes out of a bottle, which translates into big savings!
  • DON’T OVERLOAD: This is one of the most common mistakes people make. In an effort to get as much done in as few loads as possible, people tend to overload their washers. A stuffed washer works too hard; the strain can cause damage and shorten the life of your machine. Only fill your washer to the recommended level to protect the life of your machine.

The home washing machine has moved from a luxury item to household necessity for many people. Following the above tips provided can help keep things running smoothly. When the time comes that a professional hand is needed, call Pacific Appliance Repair Services for all your home appliance repair needs.

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