Heater Repair in Los Angeles

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The cold season is upon us, which means that soon enough residents and businesses will start ordering heater repair in Los Angeles area. Though at the close of another hot summer, it is hard to imagine the need for heater use in a commercial or residential space, sure enough we will again be faced with cold days and nights during which heating will provide a comfortable environment in our dwellings. There are several types of heaters out there, and we repair them all!

At Pacific Appliance Repair, we are ready to help you with heater repair. We can repair your furnace as well as any heat pump system. These are the main two types of heating systems found in today’s home and commercial buildings.

Heat pump repair services

Heat pump repair is an area in which we have experienced specialists available to assist. A heat pump system uses the same compression cycle as in the hot season, but in reverse, to heat a space. A reversing valve is used to bring heat into the occupied space instead of removing it. This type of heater is very popular in Los Angeles, and we can service them for repair or with maintenance to ensure they are working properly into the winter.

Furnace repair

Furnaces can be gas or electric, and involve moving air through a heat source to bring warmth into the living or work environment. Gas furnaces in particular consist of many safety components, since they use gas and flame, both of which pose potential safety hazards. We can diagnose and repair furnace problems throughout Los Angeles, as well as make sure yours is operating within the proper safety parameters. Very importantly, when operating a gas furnace, you must make sure that you have a carbon monoxide detector working correctly to prevent serious hazards.

Common to both furnace repair and heat pump heater repair is the idea of safety switches which must all be positioned to complete the heating circuit and allow heating to take place. Often times in heating repair situations, we find that there is a problem with one of these sensor-switches, or that some of the other safety mechanisms are not functioning properly. We are able to go through the sequence of operations and find out where the malfunction is, in order to find a solution that’ll bring you warmth.

This cold season, give us a call whether you need residential or commercial heater repair, no matter what kind of system you have. Pacific Appliance Repair will be able to meet your heater repair needs in Los Angeles. Heat pump, furnace, or wall heater—we’ve got you covered! Before the season hits, have one of our professionals perform preventative maintenance on your heater, and reduce the likelihood of running into a heater not working when it’s cold out.

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