Heater Repair

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Heater repair Los Angeles

Any type of heating system will need maintenance or repair of some sort, at some time. Though the function of a heater is simply to generate and distribute heat, there are varying ways in which different types of heaters achieve that end. So, when we talk about heating repair, first the type of heater should be specified. The two main types of central heating systems are heat pump heaters and gas furnaces. Heat pump is sometimes referred to as electric and furnace as gas. This common usage will help to inform you when entering the market for heater repair, as well as answering questions when it comes to programming your thermostat or looking for problems.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps use cooling equipment modified for use in heating. Refrigerant is compressed, then this heat resulting from an increase in pressure is blown through the supply duct and into the heating area. Since these units rely on electrical parts such as compressors, fans, thermostats, capacitors, etc., heat pump repair service technicians often perform diagnostic troubleshooting involving electrical components. However, a heat pump heater may have refrigerant problems such as a major or micro leak, a restriction, or a pressure discrepancy. In any event, a heating repair service technician can fix most heat pump problems relatively quickly, often times within the same day.

Furnace Repair

Furnace heaters still use the same blower as a heat pump, but their heat generation method is a lot different. Rather than using pressurized refrigerant, a furnace ignites a persistent flow of natural gas. The burner flames warm a firebox, with warm air going through the heat and toward the registers. In furnace repair, most problems involve the many safeties that inhibit the furnace from heating outside of completely safe parameters. A furnace blower fan can go out at the same chance as on a heat pump, because this part is the same across both heater types. Furnaces often have issues with overheating and then shutting down. The repair in this case is completed by finding the cause for overheating and correcting it. Other times, potential products of combustion are either not being removed or the sensor confirming this action isn’t being correctly activated.

When it comes to furnace repair, extra caution must be taken on by the repair service technician. Carbon monoxide levels should be checked to make sure the combustion is clean and no CO is allowed into the breathing space. Also, since natural gas and fire are being used, general safety measures must be employed when doing furnace heater repair. A professional and responsible heater repair company will be well versed in safety considerations for fixing the unit.

If you find that your heater needs repair, always first determine what kind of heater you have, and then note the specific problem you’re noticing with your unit. These steps will help a heater repair service technician to get a better idea of where to look for the problem. Make sure to find a reputable heater repair company with specialized and professional knowledge about the kind of equipment with which you’re having difficulty.

To recap, there are two types of central heater: gas and electric. Though there are furnaces that don’t use a blower fan, most central units do. With respect to electric, most of the time, this will refer to heat pump heaters. These use a compressor and the properties of refrigerant to produce a heating effect. Each requires a different approach with respect to repair, and whether either is not working, most of the time there is a simple problem with a corresponding simple repair solution to get the heater working well again.

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