How to Find a Good Air Conditioning Repair Company

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It’s a hot summer day, when suddenly you realize that your air conditioner’s fan isn’t blowing. Or, you’ve been running the unit consistently and notice it isn’t cooling well enough. When you have a problem with your air conditioner, the process of finding a reliable service technician can be frustrating. The last thing you want adding to your stress is confusion about how to go about making sure that your AC unit gets fixed properly. To help you get the best service, we have prepared this guide on how to find a reliable air conditioning repair professional to fix your problem correctly.

Air Conditioner Diagnostics

Before calling a repair company, you should observe what the problem is, specifically. The first thing to determine is whether or not air is blowing out of the vents inside. If it is, try to see if the airflow seems weak or whether it is blowing at a good rate. Of course, while checking for this, you should also observe the air temperature. Is the air cool or does it seem like it is not cool enough?

Next, you should take a look inside the condenser unit. This will usually be outside, either on the ground or on the roof.

Here, you should check if the fan is blowing. Also, note whether the compressor is off. Most importantly, locate the condenser coils and make sure they are clean. Often times, you can fix an airflow problem with an air conditioner just by cleaning these coils. If they are dirty, they can block airflow and make cooling less efficient, raising your energy costs. Try to clean the condenser coils before calling for repair service on your AC.

Finding a Good Air Conditioning Repair Company

Once you have done this initial investigation and determined that your air conditioner needs service, go to your favorite search engine and search for "air conditioning repair". You will get a list of local repair companies. Find one that looks reliable, and then check their profile on Yelp. A good AC company should at least have a trustworthy website and a Yelp profile, where you can see verifiable feedback from people who have used their services. Often times, they will also have profiles and reviews on many other business directories and even on the search engine listing itself.

Next, you should make sure that the company has a valid HVAC license. This should be displayed on their website for the public to see. You can make sure the license number is valid by checking here (for California only; make a search for a licensing board in your state). Also, they should be insured and bonded. Checking for this will guarantee that the company you’re dealing with is professional.

When you’ve confirmed that the company provides reliable service, the next thing to do is give them a call. Rather than asking for a specific repair over the phone, make sure that you can have a knowledgeable technician come out to perform a professional diagnostics and carry out the repair.

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