Is It Time for New Central Air Conditioning Installation?

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air conditioning installationSummer is right around the corner and servicing your central air conditioning can save you from the oppressive heat and humidity associated with the season. A good home AC unit can provide a reprieve from the dog days of summer, giving you shelter from the sweltering heat. Making sure your air conditioning unit is up to par now can save you time, money, and inconvenience when the warm weather strikes.

In most cases, your air conditioning unit may have sat still since last summer; out of sight, out of mind. As the summer heat approaches, it is time to evaluate your home AC unit to see that it is in proper working order. If there is any concern about your air conditioning unit, whether it is performance or age, now is the best time to consider an upgrade to a new unit.

While you can expect to get many years of quality of use out of your home AC unit, there are also several reasons to consider an upgrade:

  • WORN OUT OR OUTDATED PARTS: Like we mentioned, you can expect to get upwards of 20 years of service out of your home AC unit, but over time parts will begin to wear out. Compressors, ducts, thermostats all have a shelf life and the older the unit, the harder it is going to be to find quality replacement parts at reasonable prices. If your unit is over 10 years old and the performance is beginning to slip, a new AC unit installation may be right for you.
  • BETTER UNITS: It happens to many people. You just buy a new home and money is tight, so you install the best unit you can afford for the money. Over time, as financial situations stabilize (maybe you got a promotion or two over the years) you can afford to upgrade to a newer, more efficient unit. Newer units tend to perform better and require less energy than older models; equaling lowering bills. If you cut corners with your original installation, now is a great time to look at high performance, energy efficient upgrades.
  • CHANGED FLOOR PLANS: Home renovations happen over time. We expand our living space or try to change the way we use the space. As such, the plan for your original AC installation may not fit your newly adjusted space. Rather than try to make an older unit accommodate your newly renovated space, you may save time and energy costs by exploring your options for a more effective AC upgrade.
  • IRREGULAR OR NO MAINTENANCE: Let’s face it; HVAC units often go unnoticed until they aren’t working. If your unit has been neglected, the time and money it takes to clean, service, and repair your unit may be less than just getting a newer, energy efficient upgrade and installation.
  • NEWER IS BETTER: While this is not always the case, home AC unit technology has improved over the years. In addition to being more energy efficient, newer AC units are lasting longer and running more reliably than ever before. If you are putting more money into your unit each year, you may want to look into getting a newer, more dependable unit.
  • While it may seem like running your old unit until you can’t run it any longer is the best way to save money, considering some of the factors above can ensure that you are getting peak performance while keeping energy costs down with an upgraded unit. Pacific Appliance Repair Services can evaluate your current AC unit and help you determine whether a new unit is right for you. Regardless of your decision, Pacific Appliance Repair Services can help with the service, repair, or maintenance of your current unit, or assist you with the installation of a new HVAC.

    Don’t get stuck sweating it out this summer; contact Pacific Appliance Repair Services today.

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