Maintenance Is Essential To Avoid Dishwasher Repair

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dishwasher repair serviceMaintenance is essential to keeping your appliances running well past their shelf life. While each appliance plays a key role in your home, the dishwasher is the most convenient of home appliances. The dishwasher is not an essential part of your home, but if you hate standing over the sink, washing dishes by hand like many people do, the thought of being without this comfort of the modern home can seem like a nightmare.

A dishwasher appliance can see a lot of work on any given day. If you’re the type of person that entertains on a regular basis, your dishwasher can be working overtime. There are some simple maintenance tips that can ensure your dishwasher runs smoothly and effectively, allowing you to get your money’s worth out of your appliance purchase:

  • CLEAN AND DEODORIZE: If you run your dishwasher every day, then this is less of an issue, since the act of running a cycle can keep the interior clean and mold free. If your dishwasher does not see regular use, it is important to give it a weekly cleaning to ensure that you’re not moving mold or mildew from your dishwasher to your dishes. Also, this build up can cause your unit to work extra hard over time, limiting its running life and increasing your energy bill. Running white vinegar through your unit once a month can also clean away mildew build up.

  • KEEP THE FILTER CLEAN AND CLEAR: The filter at the bottom of your dishwashing unit needs to be kept clean and clear to ensure that your get the best results. A dirty filter can lead to dirty dishes or worse; water overload can lead to floor damage or damage to the unit. Check your filter regularly to ensure safe use.

  • CLEAN YOUR CLEANING ARM: The small bits of food that your dishwasher wipes clean daily can end up in the small holes of your unit’s cleaning arm. It is important to check your unit’s cleaning arm regularly to make sure that you’re getting a steady, even stream. This can ensure the best cleaning of your dishes, but can also ensure that your unit isn’t working harder than it needs to, which can lead to inflated energy costs.

These simple tips can make the day-to-day use of your dishwasher smooth and trouble-free. When bigger problems arise, contact Pacific Appliance Repair Services. Pacific Appliance Repair Services has the expertise and tools to keep all your home appliances running smooth. With fast and reliable service, Pacific Appliance Repair Services is the number one choice for your home appliance repair needs.

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