Tips Proper At-Home Refrigerator Maintenance

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refrigerator service repairThe cost to replace home appliances before their time is no small sum. Appliances are a large investment in your home and should be treated as such. The running state of our home appliances is usually an afterthought. Often, the only time we consider our appliances is when they are in need of repair, but taking a little time to provide a little TLC to our appliances can go a long way toward getting a long life of uninterrupted service.

One of the most important appliances in the home is the refrigerator/freezer. A broken refrigerator or freezer can not only be an inconvenience, but can cost hundreds more than the replacement cost just in lost food and drink alone. Having a refrigerator or freezer go down is one of the most problematic break downs that can occur among home appliances. Fortunately, there are several key things you to keep an eye on in order to save you from expensive home or commercial fridge repairs, or help you recognize when trouble is on the horizon.

  • CONDENSER COILS: Be sure that the condenser coils on your refrigeration unit are clean and dirt free. Condenser coils that are not properly maintained can prevent your unit from cooling properly; this can lead to wasted food, a higher utility bill, or worse, a product that breaks down before its normal shelf life.

  • DRIP PAN: There are still many refrigerators in use that have a drip pan. If you have happen to have one of these refrigerators, it is important to make sure the drain hole is clean and clear from obstructions. A clogged drain hold or dirty pan can lead to water damage and can cause your refrigerator to smell.

  • GASKET: The gasket that is responsible for sealing the door of your upright unit should be tight. If it is not then cool air can leak out causing your unit to work harder. This can lead to higher utility costs and unnecessary workload on your unit. To test the gasket, place a piece of paper in the door of the unit. If the door does not hold it tightly in place (i.e. you can pull the paper out with ease), it may be time to replace that gasket.

  • ICE BUILD UP: In order to keep your freezer running at its best, you need to defrost from time to time. Frost build up can cause your unit to run improperly. Simply empty the unit and pull it away from the wall. Behind a back panel, there will be a buildup of ice. Using a hair dryer, or other such device, melt this block down. Keeping your ice and frost build up to a minimum will keep your unit running smoothly, your electric bills down, and save you from costly refrigeration repairs in the long run.

One of the biggest issues with maintaining your home appliances is remembering to do it. Keeping a regular schedule to check on possible issues will help you catch problems before they become expensive replacement issues. While some small maintenance can be done on your own, for those jobs you can’t handle, there is Pacific Appliance Repair Services.

Giving your appliances the attention they deserve, and trusting their care to the professionals at Pacific Appliance Repair Services, will ensure that your appliances run at their optimal best for years to come.

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